Georgia ranks #2 in the nation for the highest percentage of obese children ages 10-17 and is among nine U.S. states that have childhood obesity rates greater than 20%. Childhood Obesity contributes to diseases once only prevalent in adults such as hypertension, liver and kidney disease, and Type II diabetes. Operation P.L.A.Y. aims to help families prevent obesity related illnesses by encouraging regular physical activity.

Kid Fit aims to help youth reach specific and targeted fitness goals by introducing them to a variety of activities and incorporating healthy habits into their everyday routine. Participants must commit to the program for a minimum of six months and undergo regular assessments.


A fun way to get more excercise.Kid Fit Fest takes many of the initiatives from our Kid Fit Program and offers them to the community at-large. These fun-filled events are hosted at local shopping centers, community centers, parks, and other public venues to raise awareness of childhood obesity. Free Body Mass Index (BMI) screenings are conducted by medical professionals and free counseling and educational resources are available to parents to help them make better health decisions for their families. The youth that participate in Kid Fit Fest learn fun ways to get more exercise by participating in the Kid Fit Challenge where they can win games and prizes that promote physical activity (jump ropes, sports equipment, kites, etc.)..

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