Our Mission: The Mission of Operation P.L.A.Y. is to eradicate the culture of inactivity among youth and to educate families about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Operation P.L.A.Y. is a non-profit organization dedicated to:

CHANGING the sedentary lifestyle and culture of youth and encouraging them to participate in physical activity.

PRESENTING physical activity in a fun and engaging manner to be enjoyed by all youth regardless of their athletic ability.

PROVIDING a positive outlet for youth activities.

EDUCATING children and their families on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

EXTENDING the lives of the members of our community: Healthy kids become healthy adults.

BECOMING mentors and role models to the youth we serve.

EQUIPPING parents with the knowledge they need to make healthy choices for their families.

PREVENTING diseases associated with obesity.

IMPROVING the overall self-esteem of the youth we serve.